10 Unhealthy Diet Foods Nutritionists Would NEVER Let You Eat

    No matter how much exercise you do and how much you strive to eat well, there are some foods you should never touch. Nutritions will constantly tell you the right foods to eat, but should also tell you what to stay away from. We all know to stick to vegetables, low sugar, and low fat diets. But are there foods that are sabotaging all your hard work? There are just some foods that aren’t okay even on a cheat day!

    Here are 10 foods to stay away from if you’re trying to diet and lose weight in a sustainable healthy way, on the next page:↚

    Diet Drinks
    Diet drinks are full of artificial flavors and sugar. The calories in soda are mostly from sugar, and in order to salvage the taste – companies will fill up with the drinks with chemically concocted sugars that are horrible for your health. Most even add the known cancer causer, aspartame. If you are really craving soda, the regular option is actually much healthier than any diet version you can get.↚

    Low Fat Dairy
    Low fat milk, cheese, and yogurt are not as healthy as they seem. Because the dairy has been processed to remove the fat, companies will add in sugar to keep the dairy tasty. You are much better off eating the full fat option, because although the calorie count is higher, you will stay full for longer with the fat included in the dairy.↚

    Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
    There should be a theme emerging here. Reduced fat options are usually too good to be true, because the fat is replaced with sugar – which is worse. Reduced fat peanut butter is full of added sugar, which nix the healthy benefits of peanut butters. The difference in calories between reduced fat and full fat peanut butter is usually minimal, so opt for full fat and stick to the serving size.↚

    Think you are healthy by eating pretzels? Think again. Pretzels have often been thought of as chips healthier alternative, but in reality they are just as bad or maybe worse. Think of white bread ridden with salt. High carbs, too much salt, and way too easy to eat way too many. Nosh on carrots with hummus as a healthier alternative.↚

    Eggs in a Box
    Pre beaten eggs in a box are literally a joke. Just buy the real ones and scramble them! You are saving maybe 2 minutes of work, and adding tons preservatives to your diet. If you are buying the egg white variety, I can understand a little – but again opting for hormone free organic eggs can add so many nutrients in your diet and are much more worth it.↚

    Store-Bought Juice
    Juice is all the rage these days. Everywhere you look, people are juicing kale or any other green vegetable. On par with trend, stores have been manufacturing these juices recently. But be careful – because store bought juice is full of sugar and preservatives. You might as well be drinking a soda! Instead, create juice bags once a week on Sunday and pop them in the freezer. You can mix any green with an apple or a banana and some nut milk and save time, money, and calories.↚

    Cold Cereal
    Cereals really give off a healthy vibe, which can be deceiving. They tout claims like lowering cholesterol, packing fiber, and giving off better heart health. But in reality, you would just be munching on carbohydrates full of sugar. Nutritionists completely stay away from the cereal aisle. Instead, cook your own oatmeal and sweeten with berries, bananas, and honey.↚

    Energy Drinks
    Energy drinks are advertised as an alternative to coffee for their caffeine levels. But usually these drinks are a breeding ground for weird ingredients like unpronounceable preservatives and multiple types of sugars. They are often advertised as healthy and giving off feelings of flying, but I would put these on the “never” list for sure.  ↚

    Processed Meats
    Processed meats are full of nitrates and salt. You can usually get an entire day’s worth of sodium in a single serving of store bought salami or lunch meat. The story of the hot dog is also rather famous, and we truly don’t know which body parts are going into the meats we are eating to create the concoction that is a hot dog. I recommend grilling a grass fed organic steak to keep sodium levels down and get your meat craving satisfied.↚

    Sugar Free Anything
    The entire article has been leading up to this post. There is truly no such thing as a free ride in life, and that statement applies to food as well. You cannot cut corners when dieting. Stay away from the chemical experiments that sugar free foods are, as they created in a way to make you fatter. You body processes the sugar free ingredient as real sugar, but is left confused when the chemical process breaks down as empty. So what happens? Fat is created. This is the golden rule of all nutritionists – stay away from sugar free!
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